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My avatar!

on March 10, 2016


How my avatar represents me is that the mermaid tail is for that I love swimming, and then the shirt that says freestyle is for ice skating .The phone represents technology ,the microphone is for singing.😀

I made my lego avatar on this site.

2 Responses to “My avatar!”

  1. Henni says:

    Super, Maya, das gefällt mir!!! Da hast du ja wirklich viel hineingepackt von dem, was dir wichtig ist! Hast du auch in Californien schon Gelegenheit gehabt, Eislaufen zu gehen? Dein Knie tut dir ja hoffentlich nicht mehr weh???
    Bussi, Henni

  2. Miss W. says:

    Well done Maya,
    Great post explaining how your avatar represents you in reality.

    What are your favourite songs to sing?

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